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Appointment Successfully Booked

Thank you for booking your appointment. You will receive an email shortly with your appointment details as well as an email confirming payment. If you don’t see either of these emails, please check your spam folder.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, you can do so on the website up until 6 hours prior to the appointment. If you need to cancel within 6 hours of the appointment, please call us.

Appointment Preparation

On your very first appointment with the practitioner, we ask that you read and sign the Consent Form. For subsequent appointments, please disregard. If you change practitioners, please sign a new form for the new practitioner. Here are the links:

Kellie Butterfield’s Agreement –

For telephone appointments, you are expected to call us at the phone number listed in your email. Please silence your phone, remove all other distractions, and grab a large glass of water before calling.

For proxy sessions, we will complete the session at our earliest convenience and email you the session results by the end of the appointment time.

This information will also be in the appointment details email.