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Thoughts on Depression

Thoughts on Depression

The other day I had a conversation with a prominent area psychiatrist.  He said that most anti-depressants shouldn’t be called anti-depressants, because they aren’t effective at helping depression.  He said he would be okay with calling them anti-anxiety medications, as long as people didn’t get the wrong idea.  For example, no pill, he said, can take away the irritations in life, the stressful situations, and certainly not the people that you don’t like. But these medications can take away the tension and the knots-in-the-stomach feeling and cause one to be more relaxed and able to deal with everything that life throws out.

Sounds great, if tension and anxiety are all you are suffering from. And if you could be guaranteed no side effects from the medication.  And if your insurance covered all the costs.  And if…and if…and if….

This psychiatrist went on to list all the scenarios where the medications don’t work at all for certain individuals or can even make an individual feel worse.

I am not placing judgment on anyone who is taking these medications and I sincerely hope they are working as you desire and that they are beneficial to you.  For those who are suffering depression and anxiety and cannot or prefer not to take a prescription, I offer something that is very much worth your time and attention.

What if you could accomplish the same result as anti-anxiety medication without taking pills?  What if you could release the anxiety and depression and tension and even promote relaxation and joy?    Perhaps you have already tried things such as light therapy, counseling, supplements, and nutrition therapy?  In your search for a viable and effective non-medicinal help; have you ever considering trying energy work?  Have you even heard of energy work?  Perhaps you will give energy work a try as a last-ditch effort before turning to medication.

Energy work offers hope to all wishing to alleviate anxiety, depression, and other emotional disturbances in the form of a non-invasive, affordable, fast, and permanent treatment that respects the individual’s privacy.  Energy work can also be employed by clients already taking medications; there is no danger of interaction. You have nothing to lose with energy work, except your emotional baggage.

“Karen” is in her forties and was struggling to detach from a relationship that was abusive to the point Karen had the signs and symptoms of PTSD, including panic attacks, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression.  Amidst all this, she struggled to function, especially at work.  She was let go from two jobs due to her symptoms affecting her word performance and was hanging on by a thread at her two new jobs.  Karen feared she would need to go on anti-anxiety meds just to be able to work and support herself.  She was in counseling, which helped, but only a little.  Then she suffered a no-fault lay-off from one of her jobs. Karen decided to use the new-found time to overcome her anxiety somehow or else accept medication.  She prayed to ask Heavenly Father to help her find something.  About the same time she ran across the energy healing work.  Within a month’s worth of sessions, Karen knew she would not need medication.  The panic attacks stopped.  Her sense of humor returned along with her ability to feel happy.   Karen felt energy healing work was the answer to her prayers.  When her work hours were restored, she performed at work confidently.  Tasks that were burdensome or even impossible before due to the fog of fear and anxiety she had been previously living inside became easy and even pleasurable.  Karen no longer fears job loss and is able to feel enjoyment in her life.  She continues emotional clearing energy work as a maintenance client and has made even further progress with regular emotion releasing check-ups.

I am grateful for the cautionary point of view provided by the psychiatrist I spoke with.  We ask that you consider to using energy work as part of your therapy alongside other non-medicinal therapies or alongside your medications.  It will do no harm and we believe it will do you a world of good.

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