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What is Energy Healing?

What is kinesiology?

What are Trapped Emotions?

Why do I have Trapped Emotions?

Does everyone have Trapped Emotions?

Yes, everyone has trapped emotions and energy work that needs to be done. Its safe to say, some more than others. If you have had a fairly traumatic childhood or life in general, you can safely assume you will have more energy work that needs to be done compared to someone your same age who has had a happy, peaceful existence. However, no one is immune to trapped emotions, no matter how peaceful their life.

How are Trapped Emotions removed?

How many Trapped Emotions does a person have?

A safe guesstimate would be about one for every day you’ve been alive. Of course, this is merely a guess. As we mentioned before, everyone is different, but everyone has them.

Can I physically feel Trapped Emotions leave my body?

Come people can. They describe it as static, or electricity leaving their body as the magnet runs down the back. Some people feel it where the magnet is touching, some feel it leave their head or other parts of the body.

Don’t worry if you can’t feel any sensation, not everyone can or is in tune with their body enough to feel  it.

Will I feel different when Trapped Emotions are released?

Some trapped emotions cause a lot of turmoil in our lives, other don’t. If you have a traumatic emotion released, you may very well feel relief from that particular emotion. For example, releasing a “depression” emotion can help you feel less depressed.

Some people can feel relief by releasing just one emotion because it may have had a very prominent place in your life and subconscious. Some negative energies are pulling us down emotionally, physically, spiritually, or financially. For instance, releasing trapped emotions lodged in one’s knee could relieve the pain that one has been suffering with for the last 20 years.

However, if you have one trapped “depression”, you probably have many which you’ve accumulated over the course of your life. Over time, releasing the bulk of the emotions will certainly have an overall positive impact on your life and how happy you are.

Can muscle testing confirm that I have a serious disease such as cancer?

What is a heart wall?

How can I prepare for my Energy Healing session?

In the few days prior to your session, be mindful of past negative events or people running through your thoughts. Your subconscious has a habit of bringing to light events, traumas, people, or other items it is ready to release.

Jot down your top three areas in your life you would like improvement. If you have a persistent pain in your shoulder that won’t go away, write it down.

How long does a session take?

Please read the “Sessions” page for the types of sessions we offer, which will include session length options and pricing.

Your own session is going to differ on time length simply because when the subconscious is done, it is done. Releasing trapped energy is tiring as well as a minor shock to your subconscious. It can only release so many before it need a chance to recoup and heal. We have based our session times on the average time it takes before the subconscious is done, as well as giving you options based on your busy schedule.

Does a session have to be in-person?

Can all my Trapped Emotions be released at once or in one session?

Are there other things that can be released besides trapped emotions?

Absolutely, here’s a short list: psychic traumas, negative cords, toxins, bacteria, allergies, post-traumatic energies, addictive energies, negative images, negative entities, post-hypnotic suggestions, curses, spiritual weapons, etc.

Once your body has released a good portion of trapped emotions and onced we’ve cleared your heart wall, delving into these deeper issues is the next stepping stone.

How much does a session cost?

Please read the “Sessions” page for the types of sessions we offer, which will include session length options and pricing.

Can Energy Healing be done on my children?

Absolutely, children can very easily trap emotions, just like adults. You can schedule a session for your child, we just need your permission. If it is an adult child, we need their permission.

Can Trapped Emotions be released from my pet?

Yes! Pets can trap emotions just like humans. If you have a pet that has any type of issue from behavior to health, they could be suffering from something that could be helped with emotional clearing.

What is your refund policy?

We are happy to refund your session fee if you cancel a session, however, once the session is completed, the fee is non-refundable.

Is Energy Healing priestcraft?