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Heal your Relationships!

Heal your Relationships!

Are you in a troubled relationship? It may be with your significant other, your child, your co-worker, your parent, or anyone, really. What about yourself? How’s your relationship with yourself?

You may be thinking: “Sure! I’d love to improve any or all of these relationships! Tell me how!”

It is often said that the only person you can or should try to change is yourself. Often the best way to improve your troubled relationships is to look inside yourself and make necessary changes. You can blame the other person all you want, but at the end of the day, if you still want to heal, and in some cases, save the relationship in question, the only person you can count on changing is yourself.

Don’t feel bad for a minute if you look for help achieving this goal. Please consider an energy healing session can focus on healing the energies inside you directly affecting your relationship with a particular person, or multiple people, as time permits.

After participating in these types of sessions, a client stated: “My 13 year old daughter and I have both been getting energy work done; one reason is we are just not getting along (in addition to health reasons). We were always yelling at each other and just not very happy. After we each had our first session, we noticed a big difference. We are more calm and able to see the good in each other. We have a few more sessions under our belts now and things are getting better and better. We talk more and spending time together isn’t awkward or unpleasant like it was before. In fact, I can say that things have improved in other relationships with friends and family members, too, for both of us.”

Negative energies build up over time in any long-term relationship; such as Anger, Frustration, Love Unreceived, Effort Unreceived, Resentment, Conflict, Bitterness, Rejection, Betrayal, Heartache, Insecurity, Vulnerability, Taken for Granted, Jealousy, Blaming, Guilt, and Worry. These negative energies are stored in various places in the body and are the culprits for causing continued “hurt feelings”, “flying off the handle”, irritability, grudges, and inability to move forward or “get over it”. After years of this, with perhaps no outlet for relief, one can correctly predict a relationship might get dysfunctional or damaged in some way.

What is the best way to handle a damaged, but important, relationship? Did you try counseling but it was time-consuming and expensive? Was it hard to co-ordinate appointments that both members of the relationship could attend, or did it seem to be going nowhere? Counseling has worked for many relationships, but what if both members of the relationship don’t want to participate?

What if you are the survivor of a relationship that has ended? Do you feel as though you are carrying all your old hurts, prejudices, failures, and negative expectations into each potential relationship? From an energy healer’s point of view, YOU ARE, unless you can release those stored negative emotions and energies! Do you need help doing this? Yes, we ALL do! God placed us on this earth to help one another and carry each other’s burdens. Energy healers take those burdens and dissolve them! This is what one client had to say: “I am not married to my kids’ dad anymore but I still have to deal with him because of the kids. He continues to persecute me even though it has been almost three years since we broke up. After a couple of energy work sessions directed at healing the relationships in my life, my anxiety at having to communicate with him has gone way down. I have been able to separate my emotions from my ex and break all emotional ties with him so I can move on with my life. Even the times I’ve had to face him in court I felt very calm, before, during, and after. I attribute this to all the negative energies that my energy healer has released from me that were associated with that relationship.”

Have you ever been told by a well-meaning confidante, “you need to get over it!” Or “Just get over it!” And I know you would love to, right? But how? Energy healing works!

Are you willing to try energy healing work? Especially when you’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work? Or when you are the only one in the relationship that seems to be trying? Energy work removes the stored emotions and pockets of negative energies so you can “wipe the slate clean” and start fresh and positive in your relationships!

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