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Kellie is very in tune and aware of me as she works on me. I love the words she uses covering every possibility. I feel lighter as negativity is cleared and more positive attributes are added. Thank you, Kellie.

~Nan H


Amanda enjoyed the experience with Windows of Healing

~Amanda K


Stephanie suggests you use Windows of Healing

~Stephanie A


I love Windows of Healing. I love the peace I feel during each session and spiritual and emotional healing that I sense is happening for me and my family. Thank you for your time and gifts!

~Maria W


I just needed to leave an additional review for Kellie today! I was feeling run down, overwhelmed, and stressed so I got a session from her. She cleared away whatever was causing these feelings because now I'm on fire, getting things done and HAVING FUN while I'm doing everything I need to do. After our session I felt like a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders, and I felt an immediate shift from overwhelm (which now I realize I was in victim mode) into feeling happily motivated and taking charge of everything I've got going on! Kellie is so knowledgeable, thorough, kind, helpful, and good at what she does. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

~Janna B


Kellie is so thorough in her sessions. I love how she also incorporates the rest of my family into the session, so everyone benefits. She helped me work through some emotional blocks that were affecting my weight and I've since released 20 lbs!

~Candace D


I adore Kellie! I look forward to my sessions with her. She is very intuitive and confident.

Kellie is professional and respectful. I highly recommend her!

~Cindy H


I love Windows of Healing! Kellie is amazing and has helped my family immensely with a whole range of things. Highly recommended!

~Marcia c


I love windows of healing because I come away from each session feeling more healthy and confident. Also Kellie's calmness and wisdom is refreshing. I appreciate her abilities.

~Daya C


Kelli is wonderful and very professional. She took the time to explain what she was doing. She worked fast but I also could tell how much it helped

~Laura D


Such a great experience! I could feel healing, shifts and her compassion. She's a dear authentically gifted person!

~Heather D


Kellie was very thoughtful and intuitive. She was able to find things in my energy field that needed releasing and I feel lighter after our session. She has honed her skills into her own modality that works with emotional, physical and spiritual energies and also faulty programming that has occurred over my life time. I look forward to more sessions with her to help me have more positive energy in my life and to vibrate at a higher frequency that will attract more positive energy to my life.

~Allen E


You know that moment of healing that is so complete, your very soul feels whole again? That is what was done for me. There's a painful burden so many of us are carrying, but sometimes we are unaware of the cause. How blessed I am, that Kellie learned the process to help me energetically, and helped me with love behind it all. Her gentle voice soothed me, and her carefully learned skill did the rest. Thank you.

~Vanessa N


Just This Morning I had a session With Kellie Palmer Butterfield. I really Appreciated how Genuine and Authentic she is. She is very gifted and her intuition was spot on. She is filled with light and love and shares that with those she comes in contact with. She helped me refocus and gain momentum that I had been praying for. Thank you Kellie, for Sharing your Gifts and Talents.

~Mary N Mitch L


Windows of Healing got a great recommendation by Mitchel

~Mitchel M


I'm new to energy healing and Kellie was amazing, she made me feel comfortable right away. I feel so much more at peace with the passing of my son. I will continue to work with her to improve my well being. Thank you

~Sonya P


I really appreciated how Kellie was able to target the needs of my family in even just the first session. I'm certified in a few energy modalities and my awareness is pretty broad and she really exceeded my expectations. I definitely learned a few new things as well.

~Sherry P


I am amazed at Kellie's skills and I am definitely booking more sessions with her. She was very thorough, extremely pleasant and easy to talk to and work with. I would definitely recommend her to those of you who may be a bit hesitant and wondering if you should book a session with her or not. You won't regret it!

Thank you again, and I can't wait with talking to you during the next session.

~Marianne N


I am just starting to learn about energy work and the benefits it offers us. I have been going through a tough time with some big issues physically, emotionally and otherwise. I have been unable to enjoy much in life lately. After our session, I felt so much lighter and found a more positive outlook on life. Thanks Kellie!

~Tammy R


Kellie is kind and tuned in. She took her time and I felt like she wanted to help me my family.

~Daya C


Kellie has a wonderful light and positive energy whenever she works on me. I’ve worked with her on and off for four years doing energy work and I can always count on her to help me with whatever I happen to be struggling with at the time.

She worked a miracle on me one time when I was “broken” and couldn’t stop eating (it had been going on for six weeks!). During the middle of our session I realized I didn’t feel the urge to eat anymore. It was so tangible and real and was amazing.

She has helped me move forward when I’ve felt stuck with unmotivation, frustration, anger, and sorrow.

She has helped my daughter by releasing many dark energies from her.

I’ve known her personally for 28 years and she has always been kind, thoughtful, loving, and generous. These attributes have carried over into the way she does energy work. She is a gift to this world and to those that work with her.

~Mari H


Kellie is amazing and so in tune. She brightened my day and my family. She introduced me to new ideas and techniques. I loved my session with her. I highly recommend her.

~Jess H


Kellie is such a warm, kind person that I was at ease immediately. She impressed me with her knowledge of my ancestors and issues affecting me. I learnt a lot from our session. I highly recommend Kellie. 🙏

~Dilmatie M


Kellie is very in tune. Kellie leaves you filled with light and love. Kellie teaches and gives clear directions. You will love every minute of the time Kellie spends with you. Kellie is giving and shares her gifts lovingly.

~Cindy H


Kellie worked on raising the vibration of my entire family. I learned a lot as she worked and my family happily embraced family scriptures for a week straight after that!!!

~Melisa K


I loved working with Kellie!!

From the beginning she said she is very goal oriented and helped me create beautiful affirmations to receive the goals I am striving for.

I loved how open she was and I felt like she knew exactly what she was doing, and it all made sense.

She worked with ease to release negative or stuck energy and blocks and I felt more empowered, humbled and healed.

I felt like she helped heal my family through the generations, AND she gave me some techniques I could use to help my own clients for FREE.

Thank you so very much Kellie for your light, knowledge and for just being YOU.

--Sincerely, Sarah G.

~Sarah G


I highly recommend Kellie and Windows of Healing! I've been working with Kellie for a while now and I'm amazed over and over again at how vested she is in working for your highest good each and every session. She's always happy to answer any questions that come up and makes sure she's met your goals for the session. I've had her work with my children and witnessed amazing changes take place. Kellie works with quite a few of my immediate and surrounding family members as well as myself, and she's always maintained the highest level of trust and integrity. Kellie's gone above and beyond any expectations that I came to the table with, she's truly vested in healing, raising your vibrations and bringing light into your life. Thank you for all that you do Kellie, you're amazing!!

~Jerolene R


I have seen a huge improvement in my grandaughters emotions and stability with Kellie and Windows of Healing.

~Rosemary P


I loved working with Kellie! She is so warm and welcoming! I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her!!

~Lindsey K


Kellie goes the extra mile for me every time. She is patient, kind, knowledgable and empathetic. I took a chance on doing energy healing, and I'm so glad I did. Kellie is beginning to change my life. The first time in almost a decade that I've had hope to someday feel "normal," and healthy. Looking forward to the end results, but I need to embrace the journey!

~Katelynne R


Kellie is absolutely amazing! She has helped me and my family through so many things and I feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually when I'm keeping up with my sessions with her. She is such a light in this world! I'm so glad she found me! 💖

~Ronni A


Kellie Weaver is such a gifted healer! She has such amazing talents to be able to see emotions and where they originate from and clear them. I loved her method of healing. She is also able to see what you vibrate at and help raise it, something i have never heard of before, but felt so strongly and loved! She gave me so much hope and love and it was incredible. I would definitely recommend having a session with her!

~Amber V


I love Kellie she does excellent work and is very intuitive! I have felt shifts take place for me!

~Sabrina W


Kellie has a remarkable soul, and spreads her joy and kindness in every room she steps in. Kellie has a natural talent to uplift ones spirit.

~Sheri D


This class taught be Kellie was amazing. It kept my attention every second of the time. She is so positive and encouraging and non-judgmental. She is very generous with the information that she shares in the class for when you get home to continue to practice the things she teaches you. I am so grateful for her sweet spirit and willingness and desire to help so many people. Thank you Kellie

~Angie J


Kellie is amazing and has helped with so many family issues. So grateful to have her help!

~Tara D


Kellie is compassionate and intuitive. She is thorough and efficient!

~Sabrina B


I highly recommend this service. She is good and always give us prayers and visualization for free to help us. She knows her stuff.

~Becky R


~Mindy B


My experience with Windows of Healing has been so positive and wonderful, I don't even know where to start! I have felt a huge shift into a place of happiness that I never thought possible because of Kellie and her amazing gifts! She is able to get to the desired outcome quicker than any other method i have tried! My marriage relationship is flourishing and we are making leaps and bounds of progress! The positive effects I've been seeing have been immediate and I am feeling more confident, happy, and fulfilled in my life than I ever have before! My overall health has improved drastically and I can't thank Kellie ENOUGH!

~Mike B


My experience with Windows of Healing has been so positive and wonderful, I don't even know where to start! I have felt a huge shift into a place of happiness that I never thought possible because of Kellie and her amazing gifts! She is able to get to the desired outcome quicker than any other method i have tried! My marriage relationship is flourishing and we are making leaps and bounds of progress! The positive effects I've been seeing have been immediate and I am feeling more confident, happy, and fulfilled in my life than I ever have before! My overall health has improved drastically and I can't thank Kellie ENOUGH!

~Janna B


Kellie is just down right AWESOME! She takes her time and makes sure to complete the goals you have for the session. Other people I have worked with in the past, only give you the slot of time you booked for.

She is understanding and really tried to get to the bottom of your issues!

I can’t recommend her enough!!!

~Loree J


Thank you for this beautiful prayer for energy maintenance! I will definitely use it myself and pass on to others! :)

~Cherie S


Kellie is wonderful! Have had three sessions with her and can see immense improvement in myself and my family as blocks are cleared. Highly recommended!

~Marcia C


Not having met or connected with Kellie before, I felt a sense of safety and trust with her. Over the past 10 years I have experienced many different healing modalities. Her process is efficient, thorough, Christ centered, and doesn't bring up any painful emotions. I recommended her to my sister as soon as we were done, and I'd work with her again.

~Tricia P


Very helpful! Thank you.

~Lisa S


I had a 30 minute session with Kellie Weaver in which she worked on my 5 year old cat and any fears she had. Since the session, my cat has been exceptionally friendly - even to the 9 year old that she used to swat and hiss at! -, cuddly and all around more relaxed! Kellie also taught me a grounding visualization that has been a great help in keeping clear of drama. Overall, I was very impressed with how much Kellie accomplished in our session and I am grateful for the results!

~Jacalyn R


I have worked with Kellie a couple of times and not only is she super wonderful to work with, she is quick and efficient. I always feel better after I speak to her and have energy work done. 10/10 would recommend her!

~Katie C


I really enjoy working with Kellie. She is fast and very aware and in tune. She works on the goals I set. I love her aura that I can feel thru the phone. She is prompt and calls me rather than me having to call her.

~Nan P


Immediately I felt comfortable with Kellie. We worked tbrough several things in the time we had together, and I was impressed by her graceful efficiency. We worked on some health concerns I was having. Just two hours later, I was given a giant Costco bag of truffles, which would normally trigger a binge or at least a temptation to overeat. But I was pleased and shocked to discover I have ZERO taste for chocolate all of a sudden. That is HUGE! I am looking forward to our next session. This work is so helpful!

~Terri M


I loved my session with Kellie! I loved the prayer and bringing God into the session, I loved literally feeling my vibration rising throughout the session and her being able to label each increase with a number, and I loved how I felt afterwards. She is full of light and goodness. I look forward to when I can do another session with her.

~Stacy D


Amazing job, Thank you!

~Cecilia C


Amazing shift on multiple levels! I had no idea energy could cause and heal pain! My pain was off the hook and VANISHED!! Thank you soooo much!!

~Heather P


I have loved my experiences with Kellie! She has a deep desire to help others and that has been very apparent in my sessions. I love that she is personable, kind, motivated to make a difference, and fun to talk with. Multiple times I was blown away with her insight and abilities to help me eliminate negative energy from my life and replace it with positive energy!



Effective efficient and thorough. Highly recommend!!

~Heidi P


Kellie truly has a gift of healing and intuition. She has helped us tremendously. Thank you Kellie!

~Josh M


This was so fun to learn about my spirit guide animals! Thank you so much!

~Brandi A


Kellie has a beautiful gift of healing! My husband and I both had abundance sessions with her. We could feel physical reactions upon releasing the energies that were ready to go. We both have shifted into a much better place where hope is now present again! I am forever grateful for her knowledge, expertise, experience, and gifts for healing. We had our sessions over a week ago and are still shifting into better places, thoughts, experiences, and are finally attracting abundance again! Thank you, Kellie!

~Kannessa M


By the time I found Kellie, I get like I was slowly dying. When I got done with my son, I felt so much lighter and woke up the next morning feeling like I could tackle my life again. Thank you so much. You came at the right time.

~Ralae W


I can't believe how much we were able to release! It was amazing. I love that it was Christ-centered and honestly, after we reviewed everything that was released from me, I can't believe I was ever able to function at all as a human being. I would recommend this to anyone who is familiar with energy work and I plan to use this again.

~Olivia J


I am not a doctor or medical professional. I do not diagnose or treat any form of illness or medical condition. None of my classes, programs or sessions offer medical advice, treat or prescribe. Viewers should make their own independent inquiries and judgments before taking action on any information in any module.