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This page explains the types of healing sessions we offer and what to expect from each session. Everyone is unique. Some people can release many trapped emotions at a time, some only a few. For your first session, please choose “In Person” or “Via Telephone”. We will be doing an introduction and answering any questions you may have prior to releasing anything.

Before your appointed time, please remove all distractions (including silencing phones) and drink plenty of water.

We offer three ways to complete sessions:

  1. In Person – If you are local and live in the Sandy/Draper Utah area, then Kim is happy to come to your home for the session, or you are welcome to come to her home. If you live in the Soda Springs, Idaho area, Kellie is happy to come to your home.
  2. Via Telephone – This is the most popular form of session. All energy is connected and the client does not need to be within a certain proximity to the healer to be effective. This is very convenient for any client that lives outside our local area, state, or even country. We ask that you call us at the appointed time you requested. Our phone number will be in the confirmation email.
  3. Email/Proxy/Not Present – As mentioned before, the client doesn’t need to be within a certain proximity for the releasing of energies or emotions. In fact, with permission, the healer can connect and release emotions without the client even being present in any form. This proxy work is very popular for busy people who have a hard time pinning down an appointment. We also do a lot of proxy work on children and pets. Also, once the client becomes familiar with how the sessions run via in person or phone, they may opt to go this route just for convenience. As a healer, we enjoy doing this kind of work because we can complete it on our own schedule and email the session results by the appointment time you choose or sooner. If you have never had this type of work done before, please choose one of the other options for your first session.

If you have any questions about the above options, please contact us prior to booking your appointment.

General Healing Sessions

Customized Healing Session

Sessions are scheduled for an hour, but may go over by a few minutes to reach a good place to end the session.  We can customize your session to address particular concerns or ask your subconscious for the priority issues needing to be worked on.


Appt 1 – Individual Trapped Emotions Release


On your first appointment, we release as many individual trapped emotions as your body will allow. There are several ways to decide which emotions to release and you will want to ponder over it and make a decision prior to your appointment:

  1. Let the client’s subconscious decide.
  2. Work on one or two certain areas of physical, mental, or emotional pain of the client’s choosing.
  3. Work on strictly the heart-wall or other specific organ/body part.
  4. Work on a specific emotion, such as “Fear”.

If you have released trapped emotions in the past and are familiar with this, then you are welcome to schedule Appt 2 instead.


Appt 2 – Bulk Release of Trapped Emotions


Once you are familiar with how trapped emotions work, how they are released, and why you may trapped certain types, we can move on to quicker methods. In appointment 2 we find out how many trapped emotions you have of each type and bulk release them. This includes all inherited trapped emotions as well.

Many times, there will be just a few trapped emotions left after a bulk release. This could be for several reasons; your subconscious wants you to release them individually because you need to learn something; your ancestor wanted their inherited trapped emotion to be released separately; or a myriad of other reasons. If you have some left and your body allows it, we will release as many as possible during this session.


Appt 3 – Release of Individual Trapped Emotions (if you have any left)


If you have any individual trapped emotions left from Appt 2, we will finish releasing them in this appointment. If you don’t have any left, please move on to Appt 4.


Appt 4 – Pinpoint & Release Negative Entities/Energies


Unfortunately, everyone is plagued by dark energy and even dark entities. The adversary and his followers are relentless in their quest to pull us down to their level. When we get frustrated or angry we lose the spirit of Heavenly Father and an opening is made for dark energy to move in. Usually we don’t realize it, but we are bombarded by lots of different adversarial tactics. They prey on our weaknesses to make them weaker, and our strengths to pull us down even more.

In our Dark Energy Session, we find all the dark forces that are working against you. We explain to you what they are, how long they’ve been there, and their purpose(s) or goal(s) in bringing you down. We remove them and teach you how to do the same, as well as how to protect yourself by creating a “shield”.

Our goal is to help you discern when your have a dark influence so you can remove it and protect yourself. This is an ongoing process, as the adversary is relentless. But with practice you will be able to feel between light and dark and remove the dark immediately.

Please note: Most dark energies are uninvited and these are the ones we can remove. Dark energies which you have either consciously or subconsciously invited to dwell with you, we can’t and won’t remove. You have your free agency to invite them and we don’t step over those bounds. If you would like to remove an dark energy which has been invited, you must take steps yourself, through fasting, prayer, and the gift of the Priesthood.


Appt 5 – Adversary’s Arsenal Release


At this point, you will have a very good idea what kinds of thing the adversary can throw out at you. The Adversary’s Arsenal is a proprietary program we’ve created to find and free our clients of the harmful links which tie us to the adversary. This program is so powerful that you must have had all your trapped emotions released first.

During Appt 4, we will discuss in detail what the Adversary’s Arsenal program actually is so you know what to expect in this and subsequent appointments.


Appt 6 and Subsequent – Adversary’s Arsenal Release Continued


When we start Appt 5, we will start releasing the most damaging links the adversary has on you. We will continue down the line to the lesser important links for as long as you want to continue.


Maintenance Plans


Once you are happy with where you are at, you are welcome to schedule yourself for a maintenance plan. We offer 2x per month and 1x per month proxy checks and bulk clear any trapped emotions found and work on any major items needed.

Book the appointment for the approximate day you want to start the first proxy check. We will set up the schedule as well as the subscription to bill your card on the same day each month. We may need to contact you to verify information before starting your maintenance plan.

And as always, we email your report after each check.


Specific Healing Sessions


Evaluation for Specific Health Problem or Condition


We are happy to discuss your specific health concerns and pinpoint exactly how many trapped emotions, negative energies, and Adversary’s Arsenal items may be linked to your problem. Of course, we can’t guarantee any improvement by removing these items, but it sure can’t hurt!

We will offer a specific course of action and set up sessions according to your desires and needs.


Reveal Guardian Angel(s), Guide(s), and Spirit Guide Animal(s)


The reveal party is one of our favorite sessions! Everyone has at least one guardian angel, one guide, and one spirit guide animal. By finding out who they are, it gives us confidence and security knowing they are around us all the time ready to help, if needed. This session is especially fun for kids! Most, if not all, Guardian Angels and Guides are relatives. If you have your genealogy fan chart, please have it handy for this session. It will make it much easier to put a name to the Guardian Angel, rather than “your 6th great-grandmother on your father’s side”.


Dark Energy Healing Sessions


This appointment is the same as above, however we offer this at any point you feel the need, not just within the series of appointments above.


Ancestral Healing Sessions


Once you’ve had an trapped emotion release session, you may have found you received “Inherited Emotions” from your ancestors. Usually when we release these inherited emotions, the originating ancestor is present in spirit. The releasing of emotions is a very mental, but also a very physical act. The spirit of the ancestor still has all the mental and emotional trappings of life, such as bad habits, likes, dislikes, and trapped emotions. But since they don’t have physical bodies any more, they cannot release their own trapped emotions. Many of them are very interested and excited when we release a trapped emotion they had for so long.

We’ve had experiences where the ancestor has come when we are releasing an inherited trapped emotion they originated, then they won’t leave because they want the rest of their trapped emotions removed as well.

For spirits who are ready, the act is releasing trapped emotions is an easier process than releasing from a living person. This may be due to them being able to “see” truth and being willing, able, and excited to remove all their baggage at once.

Ancestral Releasing Sessions are group sessions for all your ancestors who would like to participate. We usually do these sessions early in the morning, before any other distractions of the day. Please mark the Ancestral Releasing Sessions as “Proxy” when you book your appointment. The appointment time you choose will be the deadline for us to email the session results to you.

Sessions will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Your session results will include how many ancestors attended and how many were left when we closed the session. We will include any other information we receive from doing this session. If you have ancestors you are particularly fond of, you are welcome to give us their names and we can ask if they are present. You may also email us a copy of your genealogy fan chart and we can refer to it during the session.

Not all ancestors will be done clearing during the first session. It will be up to you whether you want to schedule an additional session. Also, keep in mind, some ancestors may not be ready now, but may be ready a year from now, or five years from now. Not all will participate…

To include all possible ancestors on both your sides as well as your spouse’s sides, we encourage you to give us your child’s name as the person doing the inviting.