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Trigeminal Neuralgia – My Story

Trigeminal Neuralgia – My Story

I personally have a very rare and painful disease called Trigeminal Neuralgia. You probably have never heard of it, and I encourage you to google it and learn more. It is affectionately nicknamed “The Suicide Disease” due to there being no cure and the only permanent relief option is to kill oneself.

Trigeminal Neuralgia sometimes happens when the nerve coming from the skull into the face gets pinched or is pressed against by a blood vessel. When this occurs a pain that can accurately be described as a lightning bolt hitting the face. In my case, the pain occurs above my upper lip and ends at an upper tooth. The pain comes and goes, it can be sharp and quick, or long and dull. Each sufferer of the disease has a different experience with the pain intensity and location.

Most people with TN usually take high concentrations of drugs to relax the nerves. Some extreme cases can be approved for brain surgery, which lifts the blood vessel off the nerve, then wraps the nerve in Teflon. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In my case, I found a high dose of homeopathic supplements that would relax the nerves for the most part. It did not alleviate all the pain, but I was able to function.

When I was first introduced to healing physical pain with energy work, I was very intrigued. I was skeptical, but hopeful this could help alleviate some of my pain. I had many trapped emotions located in my cheek, gums and jaw, which were easily released over several sessions. Then we moved onto deeper emotions and problems, releasing them one by one. From about the second or third session, I was able to feel a little bit of relief. It wasn’t instantaneous; it was a slow, consistent progress over the course of about two or three months.

After the second month, I had no pain and stopped taking the supplements to see if the pain would reoccur. It didn’t. On a day to day basis, I have no pain. Occasionally, if I feel pain, there has always been something additional I can release, and the pain instantly goes away.

It’s interesting to me to see the change in my pain level without doing anything “physical”. For TN, doctors can rarely see what is actually causing the pain and usually offer best guesses. But, so many times, they do surgery and they can’t find the cause of the pain, or the surgery doesn’t alleviate the pain. What if other painful conditions were caused by trapped negative energies rather than something actually physical?  The pain is not the problem, it is only a symptom of the actual problem. What if the pain you have could be relieved from releasing negative energy from your body rather than taking a pill to cover up the symptoms. Isn’t that what modern medicine is: a bandaid that simply tries to fix the symptoms so you think the problem is actually fixed?

I do know the physical symptoms of our emotional baggage can create permanent damage after a period of time. Therefore, once emotional baggage is cleared up the physical damage is done and can’t be restored to it’s original state. I suffered with TN for about eight years, but, thankfully, no physical symptoms continue.

Another interesting thing to note is that emotions seem to get trapped in areas of our body which are weak or prone to weakness. When our physical bodies are ill or weak, we tend to internalize higher numbers of negative emotions. By muscle testing, I have since found that my facial pain was originally caused by the numbing medication for a cavity being filled. It created an empty space in my gums which allowed negative energy to accumulate.

I will continue to keep on top of clearing the negative things that plague the left side of my face and therefore, will live a life free from excruciating pain. I count myself lucky to be free from the debilitating effects of TN that thousands are dealing with on a daily basis. I hope to share my knowledge and gifts with others who have this and other physical pains, so they can also find peace. We can’t guarantee everyone will see such a transformation in their pain relief, but I hope to help as many who are willing to try.

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