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Layering of Heart-Walls & Heart Vaults

Layering of Heart-Walls & Heart Vaults

A common saying in the world of energy healing is “Healing occurs in layers.”  I believe that is true because the emotional baggage was formed in layers to begin with.  This week we have both discovered multiple heart walls, multiple hidden heart walls, secret heart walls and also heart vaults in several different clients, both human and animal.

We have found that clearing the heart wall in some clients is just the beginning of the healing process.   A very important and hopeful beginning that can make a world of difference in how the client feels and relates to the world and the people in it, but merely the beginning.  It requires a skilled and experienced energy worker to discover and uncover that many layers that a client may present with, so that all avenues of healing are well explored.

We’ve been working on a horse, “Mick”, this week who is characterized as being “grumpy” and “stubborn”. Our client asked Kim to work on him and see if she can figure out why he is this way. She found he has a regular heart-wall, two hidden heart-walls, three secret heart-walls, and a heart vault. Mick’s heart-walls are made up of different things a horse would feel as a protection: fencing, saddle blankets, and straw of varying thicknesses.

Most of Mick’s trapped emotions stemmed from  mistreatment from a previous owner during the training period of life. He is a sensitive horse, and not only internalized emotions from his own training, but also internalized the emotions of other horses also being mistreated.

Kim hasn’t cleared all of the heart-walls yet, as the horse needs some processing time. But, hopefully next week, all his heart-walls will be gone. Of course, who knows if she will find another secret heart-wall after the others are cleared.

“Katherine” got her heart wall cleared, but then a heart vault was discovered that also needed to be cleared!  This heart vault is still in the process of being released but has shown to be unique in that every emotion in it is inherited from Katherine’s mother.  Determining the symbolic building material of a heart wall is informative and therapeutic, and the same goes for a heart vault.  This particular client’s heart vault is made out of the very combination safe in the picture accompanying this post! What an appropriate building material for a heart vault!

We’ve been working on “Lexi’s” layers for several months. As we clear something out, something else manifests itself. We recently found, in addition to her regular heart-wall and hidden heart-wall, two more hidden heart-walls, three secret heart-walls, and a heart vault.  We will continue to work on these and release the trapped emotions as her subconscious allows. She has noticed a difference in her general disposition. She feels happier, lighter, and has more self-esteem and gratitude for life.

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